Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Palmar hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the hands which is profound and dramatic and affects all aspects of life including work and professional related activities, the activities of daily living and normal interpersonal social interactions. Rubbing the hands with a small amount of lotion can easily trigger sweaty hands. Sweaty hands can occur by meeting someone new for the first time or nervousness, emotional distress, or even being in a stressful situation. Severe or massive palmer hyperhidrosis cases sweat is literally seen to drip down from the hands. The problem with sweaty hands can be detected since early childhood.

Palmar hyperhidrosis is a condition marked by excessive perspiration of the palms beyond physiological necessity. It is caused by hyperactivity of the sweat glands in the sympathetic nervous system. Palmar hyperhidrosis is a hereditary sweating disorder, which often begins during childhood with no known cause. When a person exercises or becomes excited, the sympathetic nerve is stimulated and adrenaline is pumped into the blood system. As the heart rate and blood pressure increase, sweating occurs to control the body temperature. In a small percentage of the population (0.1%-0.2%), however, these normal physiological sequences work at a high level causing individuals to sweat at inappropriate times such as while they are resting, sitting, or sleeping.

People afflicted with palmer hyperhidrosis or excessive sweaty hands often complain of cold, sweaty hands, sometimes even dripping with sweat. Because palmer hyperhidrosis is aggravated by stress as minor as shaking or holding hands, it has significant social and psychological impact on patients afflicted with this disorder.

People with palmer hyperhidrosis disorder are in constant awareness of their condition and they have to live with it. For this reason, most hyperhidrosis sufferers go to great lengths to avoid contacts with others by hiding their hands in their pockets or under their arms. They may lose confidence in their ability to socialize or interact with others and as a result may become frustrated and withdrawn.

When meeting clients, colleagues and other professionals it is extraordinarily difficult and unprofessional when they have massive, sweaty hands to greet people. When writing on paper they will smear the ink and crinkle the paper, and actually needs a napkin underneath their hand to protect whatever they are writing on. Another situation is when going to the DMV to get fingerprinted for a driver’s license their literally constant need to wipe off each fingertip individually to simply get through the fingerprinting process. A common task such as driving is problematic when driving automobile the steering will get wet and their needs to have a rubber grip with prongs to grip onto the steering wheel.

Cure For Sweaty Hands

Common form of treatments is available for palmer hyperhidrosis or excessive sweaty hands. The mild forms of palmer hyperhidrosis or excessive sweaty hands respond well to oral medications such as Drysol or even baby powder. Minimally invasive surgical treatment of palmer hyperhidrosis is reserved for severe or massive palmer hyperhidrosis. The treatment is called thoracoscopic sympathectomy. For more information on excessive sweaty armpits .   Find more information on endocrine disorders and therapies. There are prescription drug and surgical options that may help. An endocrine specialist can provide the most accurate information.